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Are there “Los Conchos”? presumed responsible for the balacera in Iztacalco

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The frenzy that arose on Tuesday 2nd of January in the hot tub Iztacalco among a group of extortionists and uniforms of the Secretaría de Seguridad Ciudadana de la CDMX (SSCCDMX), where the guilty people are, you are civilized men, among them less than one year ago and 10 detainees, it all indicates that the protagonists of this who are “Los Conchos”.

The investigations of the capital authorities, detail that this criminal cell is led by a subject that is called “El Cano”, although the true identity is unknown. Everything seems to indicate that the objective was to detain the leader of this criminal group, who apparently says that he was protected by Fernando “N”, agent of the Police Investigationwhich day of life was met on the day of descanso, but he was a participant in the balacera and lost his life.

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Minor injury in balacera from Iztacalco remains in the Institute of Pediatrics

They catch balacera in Iztacalco from the microbuses

Elements of the SSCCDMX adjusted the area where the bed rests. PHOTO: CUARTOSCURO

This criminal group, in cooperation with the SSC, is linked to the crimes of extortion and narcotics, its victims mainly being traders from semi-fijos and stable commercial establishments, including those who operate in the east of the City of Mexico.

This is how the dance lived in Iztacalco

Due to various citizen complaints, the police implemented investigative and recognition functions on the avenues Sur 16 and Rojo Gómez de la Oriental Agricultural Colonywhen they observed a gray colored vehicle which was followed by its probable relationship with those criminals.

The gang is part of a criminal group that is dedicated to extortion and police of the CDMX. PHOTO: CUARTOSCURO

At this moment, various people, upon noticing the police presence, began to attack the uniformed men with shots of fire, so that, when I finally got back to life, they repelled the attack and solicited the support of other work teams for ensure perimeter security and avoid probable attacks from harming the site.

Following the operational briefing, where 10 men were held, here is the place of a preventive review, carried out under the policy implementation protocol, ensuring six short fire weapons and various useful cartridges

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