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Appointment to the leader of the main opposition party in South Korea

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The opposing manager South Korea Lee Jae-myung was shocked on Tuesday when he was talking to journalists in the port city of Busáninformed news agency Yonhap.

Images disclosed by the television Sur-Korean show them to Lee in the ground while someone else supported a lump on their back.

The images showed when a man was standing over him Lee and he hit him with an object. The political leader collapses and various people rush to help him.

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Embroidered and punched to a young person aged 18 during the New Year celebrations

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The politician was consciously transferred to the hospital

Lee, leader of the Democratic Party, lost the presidential elections of last year. PHOTO: Agencia Yonhap

Lee He was conscious when he was transported to the room hospital while the attacker was detained on the site, according to Yonhap. Lee, leader of the Democratic Party, lost last year’s presidential elections to conservative Yoon Suk Yeol.

The manager became part of his team thanks to his history superción From where you start as a little worker in a factory. However, various scandals complicated it application presidential.

With information from AFP

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