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Apparently they wanted to sacrifice their son because they thought he was posed, the police saved him

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Spanish authorities search for one it seems like a refugee of justice, those who have a complaint against the accused secuestro de su propio hijoand they were held moments before that they will give up their lives for a creencia in which he had supposedly placed the youngest of years.

Through a press release, the Spanish Civil Guard god to know that the likeness of French origin was held in the installations of the Puerto de AlgecirasThanks to a European order of apprehension, it could be considered that his son could be in danger.

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“El Chapo”, will continue in perpetual cadence, no recourse that would nullify the drug trafficking act

Tiburón attacks a teenager and his mother while surfing next to his dad

The door is ready to enter prison. Credit: Guardia Civil

Authorizations held for marriage by French people who travel to Marruecos, who would like to ask their hijo

Following the detention, it is important to know that the first examinees realized that both of them have psychiatric problems that should be attended to immediately. The official narrative indicates what the objective was asesinar al menor of just 5 years in the Saharayou can believe what it is a demon had met her.

It was the families of the marriage who were guarded before the French Gendarmerie to search for the whole continent in the same way, who possibly traveled in the direction of Marruecos. The petition was attended to by the civil guards of the Compañía de Fiscal y Fronteras de Algeciras.

“Before the grave of the children, a safety device has been mounted covering the salt points from the Hacia Marruecos peninsula. Thanks to those who have located the fathers and the minor in a vehicle at the point of embarkation with destination to Tanger in the installations of the port of Algeciras”, the authorities announced in the press release.

Credit: Guardia Civil

Why would the French faction held in Spain want to sacrifice their son? This is the macabre story:

El marriage tapeworm a European order of detention in vigor and both have been detained and placed at the disposal of the judicial authority, who has ordered on entry into prison. It will be during the next few days when you are sleeping a juicio against the state.

Por su parte, el menor, hijo de la parejawhich is located there good state of healthas indicated by local authorities, has been transferred to a Minors Accommodation Centre in the Spanish country for your care and you will be returned to your country of origin as long ago.

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