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Another cancellation? Concert of Luis Miguel in San Luis Potosí in “suspension” for a short time of permission

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One hour after the concert begins Luis Miguel in San Luis Potosí there is uncertainty due to the rain that will not come, but above all because the company has not passed the permissions before it Ayuntamiento of the capital of Potosi.

The Concert of the Sun is scheduled at 9pm on this old Monday “Plan de San Luis” Stadium Now Center for High Yield of State Government. There are lines with hundreds of fans of the singer who intend to enter the giant of the Alamitos colony, while inside they get to the head of the sound.

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Not if they have passed security permits

However, the Mayor of the capital must know this late that the company contracted by Luis Miguel has not passed any type of permit before this municipal instance, although in a certain way it admits that the company is owned by the state and corresponds to the government of the “chicken” Gallardo internal and external security.

Miles of fans hope in the rain Credit: Pepe Alemán

The press release from the municipal government states that in order to grant permission to the company organizing the concert, a decree of Protección Civil Estatal “which results in greater importance for dealing with a serious event in which the safety of the assistants must be guaranteed”.

It has been programmed in advance

It should be mentioned that Luis Miguel’s concert was contemplated to take place in the “Alfonso Lastras” football stadium, but in accordance with the Directive of the San Luis Athletic Team and the state government, including before they move on to the semi-finals to eliminate at Monterrey , they decided to change it at the old stadium “Plan de San Luis”.


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