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Anita Rojo was cautious and was abused for 3 years by a man who gave her birth; she was imprisoned for 15 years

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The history of Anita Rojo comenzó en Coatzacoalcos, Veracruzwhere he lived, and where he led someone to live hombre from the state of Chiapas joined by his wife and son; in a short time the lady, as well as the elder of 6 years, were met with the dead, but the sujeto hushed with rumble to the north.

Anita was seduced by a man who exploited her professionally and sexually

As I needed to work for a good pay, Anita accepted irse a New Leonspecifically to the city of Monterrey; a guy promised her one sueldo of two thousand pesos, money that would be used to operate on his hija, who had health problems, as was told to Gusgri on the podcast on the YouTube channel. Lamentably, upon arriving at the compact city, he knew that the previous work was with the person who asesino up family.

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I don’t want to spend much time, just a little while, so that I can confess to her that there really isn’t anything trabajoand he sent him to seize it to use it as an exclave, with the aim of working in his home, doing business, doing cleanliness, as well as abuse much sexualhow physics or psychologically.

Anita vivió with this man approximately a year, lejos de su familia. She was inside a house with two plants, which had iron protections on the outside so that she could not escape. They started immediately abuses, injustices y la explotación against the woman. Además, she was incommunicated completely from his family, the amenazaron with matar as much to his mother as to his hija. She was also embarrassed, the product of the violations.

Gusgri is invited to share his extraordinary or crime stories on a podcast. Credit: Gusgri

Anita Rojo met the man who exploited her for a year, and ended up in prison

One day, years later, if God knows what the doors of the cuartos which normally are closed with llave, now no tenían sure y podía enter or go up to his also. Like her, you don’t want to follow her friend mistreatedmaybe one day my life would end, arremetió en su contra con unas pliers to cut cadenas, known as “cizallas” or “cortapernos“. The answer murió desangrado.

Anita Rojo he tried to hide his body; I told you to one of the workers of the man who would ask for a guide on the floor to create a piece tank for the water, but when it was cementif God knows what the woman is getting into body without lifepacked in a cobija and filled with blood that he had tried to wash.

Anita has been in the Topo Chico penal camp in New León for 15 years. Credit: Cuartoscuro

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Anita tries to get out of candles, where she will be released from prison

The authorities arrested her, presented her several days after that ministry public, the golpearon and they tried to bind it with him asesinate of one menor de four years. Finally it was sentence at 20 years old in prison Topo Chicosame as one repair of the daño y los gastos funerarios.

At the age of 15 he was auxiliary for a abogado which means that everyone will pay gastos necessary, and thanks to you historical in prison, they gave her conditional freedom November of 2024 with a plan to sign before the authorities for two years that will end in 2024. Once completed the primary, secondary and studied as well as the preparatory. She learned to read you write, she may not have been to school, she may have worked since her childhood.

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