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Ana Lilia Rivera: AMLO will be able to nominate the Minister of the Court in case the second tern is abandoned

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With the salida de Arturo Zaldívar of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN), who will be integrated into the campaign team Claudia Sehinbaum, candidate for the presidency, the Senate has highlighted her efforts in electing the new minister. It is clear that the banks of the PRI, PAN, PRD and Movimiento Ciudadano showed their reactions to Zaldívar’s decision, the Senate ratified the renunciation with 63 votes in favor, proceeding in its mayoría de Morena.

En interview with Alejandro Sanchez through the broadcast of Heraldo Radio, Ana Lilia Rivera, president of the Mesa Directive It is in the Senate de la República, habló over the second terna to elect the minister in the Court.

Translating the negative of the High Chamber to the proposal by the Federal Executive, in which it should be considered Lenia Batres Guadarrama y Bertha Alcalde Lujánthe president Andrés Manuel López Obrador sent a second trio, where these names are repeated, next to which they join Eréndira Cruzvillegas Fuentesjefa de Unidad de Asuntos Jurídicos de la Cultural Secretariat.

The senator pointed out that it is part of the democratic life of the country to achieve a consensus on decisions of this nature. She agreed that by Tuesday next week, when the procedure begins, everyone will be able to emit the noise.

Ana Lilia Rivera analyzed the possibility of implementing a reform to modify the selection method of ministers
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In the event of this proceeding, the Senate will give the right of assistance to the 3 officials, with the aim of allowing them to demonstrate what concerns them.

Ana Lilia Rivera explained that the second term also ends desecrated, the president of the republic, Andrés Manuel López Obradorwill tend to go directly to name the new minister of the Court.

Constitution does not prohibit repeating proposals in ternas before the Court

The legislator ensured that the Constitution does not prohibit repeating the names of the proposed proposals within the Federal Executive Committee. However, it is clear that these types of legislative conflicts will lead to the need to implement a reform that allows modifying the selection method, with the aim of avoiding the fallacy of overestimation in the election of these cargoes.

“The soberano is not wrapped up, but the soberanía represents the people, that these ternas are not born of the federal executive,” the senator protested.

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