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AMLO to Joe Biden: “The migratory thoughts without waiting for the bottom are dead”

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Much of the migratory law suggests that this phenomenon “is condemned to become a dead woman,” President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said to his colleagues. States Unidos, Joe Biden, in a telephone call that replaced this Saturday; at par, the democrat welcomes it Mexico the “operational apoyo” in measures to contain migration.

In a press release from the Presidency of the Republiche was informed that the conversion between both mandates was “respectful” and coincided that Mexico and the EU “are free and free countries that can, naturally, define their own policies regarding migration”.

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“Nevertheless, with the sincerity that we have characterized, we demonstrate to President Biden that we are willing to do anything in this matter that ignores the causes of the migratory phenomenon and that the company is not condemned to convert itself into death”, states the press release.

López Obrador ratified his American counterpart on his proposal to wait for migration in the end, which he summarized in 10 points: that the EU regulates Mexicans who have been living and working in this country for more than five years.

That is a requirement of 20 million dollars annually to support the poor countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, expelling migrants.

“Suspend sanctions in Venezuela to amuse the migratory flows. Lift the blockade in Cuba and not obstruct its development, with the aim of reducing migratory flows. Maintain the migrant reception program through legal channels, implemented in the current government of the United States.

“Do not opt ​​to build walls or close the border, because it will not solve the causes of migration or resolve the problem. It is pure political-electoral propaganda. And fight narcotrafic and the consumption of chemical drugs such as fentanyl,” he emphasizes.

Also more regularly the sale and exportation of weapons United States to Mexico. Develop a joint development plan to boost industrialization and trade in the T-MEC brand. And at the last point reaffirm the commitment to maintain cooperative relations, friendship and respect for our sovereignty.

“The policy was very proven, of mutual interest, inspired by the principle of the policy of good life, friendship and cooperation”, agreed with the Presidency.

On the other hand, there Casa Blanca de EU I issued an informative bulletin which noted that the central issues were migration and combating the trafficking of people and drugs, and that the United States welcomed the Mexican “operational support” in measures to contain migration.


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