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AMLO proposes eliminating the Judicature Council

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The president Andrés Manuel López Obrador adelantó que la Reform of Judicial Power which will push the next year includes the elimination of the Federal Judicature, as well as the revocation of mandate and re-election of ministers, magistrados and judges.

In the morning, the federal mandate stated that the revocation of the mandate and the election will serve to evaluate the results of those entrusted with imparting justice.

López Obrador said he was Federal Judicial Council it would be replaced by a Tribunal inside the Judicial Power which would carry out the implementation of the games.

“It would also apply, because the judiciary, if a period of election or to maintain itself in the cargo is allowed, the revocation of the mandate would also apply, because it is not only the election of the juez, of the magistrate, of the minister,” he explained .

The head of the federal executive considered that the revocation of the mandate and the election would help the people who were suffering from the desempeño of the juzgadores.

“The people go to be pending, they go to decide: ‘this is done with apego to legality, this is not’, the people go to be more pending, and they want to reelegirse or ascend from juez to minister: ‘no first hermano por I’m not voting.” To live the public life every day was more public, transparent, before they didn’t know the judges, it was an anonymous society, they worked clandestinely, no judges, no magistrates, no ministers, now it’s distinct, of course we’re working,” he said.

At the time he ensured that the reform that the list is going to include also that there is a tribunal within the Judicial Power for which the functioning of the judiciary is pending, because the actual Judicature, “is, with all respect, over, frozen”, he indicated.

The federal representative said he was Judicial Power it cannot be constituted as a power by either the Executive or the Legislative.

“No one can place himself on top of the others. You cannot have the supreme power to preserve yourself like anyone else,” said López Obrador.

Furthermore, he criticized the judge that, following the detention of Néstor Isidro Pérez Salas, alias El Nini, he immediately sent him a message to prevent him from being extradited to the United States, “what this is about, it’s not right, it’s the same” , the President stated.


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