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AMLO inaugurates the Cancún-Palenque section of the Mayan Train

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The president Andrés Manuel López Obrador encabeza el recorrido del tramo de Cancun to Palenque of the Tren Maya with this the second stage of this project is inaugurated.

At 6:40 am (local time) the Mayan train departs from the Cancún Airport station, 10 minutes after the scheduled time. It is the same Tren, “Xiinbal” that transported it on December 15th when it was inaugurated.

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What did the president say during the inauguration of this new building?

“Much good days, good travels, good travels at the end of the year,” López Obrador said at 6:33 am.

This Sunday will cover 892 kilometers of the 554 million which includes the route that crosses Quintana Roo, Yucatán, Campeche, Chiapas and Tabasco. They are tramos 1, 2, 3 and 4. The speed is between 110 and 120 kilometers per hour. There are 22 stations.

A journey of approximately 12 hours was expected, with a parade in San Francisco Campeche to refill fuel. President López Obrador will spend the night in his fifth of Palenque, Chiapas. The president will be accompanied by some members of the legal and expanded cabinet, as special invitees as Carlos Slimhonorary president of the Carso group.

They also included the entrepreneurs Miguel Rincón, Eduardo Tricio and Daniel Chavez, as well as the management of the consortiums Mota-Engil, Carso, Azvindi, ICA and Alstom involved in the construction of the train. Of the governors arrived the de Quintana Roo, Mara Lezama, y de Campeche, Layda Sansores. Viajan dos de los four hijos del president, Andrés y Gonzalo.

The bag travels on the last train, number 4

To guarantee security, 2 million 800 items will be unpacked National Guard (GN) with five helicopters, drones, cameras and patrols for permanent monitoring of the railway routes.

On December 28th we were informed that due to the “pre-opening” of the Cancún to Palenque train of the Mayan train which will concern President López Obrador on December 31st, public operations will be temporarily suspended and the service will be restarted on the 1st of December 2024.

Thus, the train that organized operations on December 15th lasted four days. I propose a refund to the people who have bought boletos. Furthermore, they offered the possibility of assigning spaces in the pre-opening phase of the second phase from Palenque to Cancún. Since its inauguration 10 million 680 passengers have been transported on the Mayan Train.


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