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AMLO goes against the SCJN to declare the ban on vapers unconstitutional

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One day after that Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) will determine that the presidential decree that prohibits the circulation and marketing of electronic cigarettes in Mexico, called vapers, is unconstitutional Andrés Manuel López Obrador I criticized this decision and said that mercantilism was prioritized over the public health.

“Also, another word that the vareadores have been prohibited and they have stopped the word, and the argument or excuse is that if it affects the freedom of trade, it places the mercantilism of the health of the people, of the young people at the forefront,” I said in the manual conference National Palace.

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SCJN: Prohibiting the circulation and marketing of vapers is unconstitutional

Plantean revoke the decree that prohibits vapers

Scientists have proven that the use of vapers is harmful to your health.
Photo: Archive

On May 31, 2022, the federal executive publicized it Official diary of the federation (DOF) a decree that “prohibits circulation and marketing within the Republic, whichever is the case, of Electronic Nicotine Administration Systems, Nicotine Similar Systems, Alternative Nicotine Consumption Systems, electronic cigarettes and devices vaporizers with similar uses, as well as the solutions and combinations used in different systems”.

Golpean to students to allegedly sell vapes in Sinaloa

Last Monday December 4th, the victims were targeted by alleged students from the Autonomous University of the West (UAdeO), in Guasave, Sinaloa, reported for apparently selling vapes inside the educational facility’s facilities. Subsequently, they were forced to walk without rope through the center of the city, before the sight of decades of people.

The youngsters were forced to walk without shoes with bread on their bodies.
Photo: Youtube

AMLO criticizes Cabeza de Vaca amparo

During the conversation on the topic of vapers and the action of the SCJN, López Obrador also criticized the scope of the Octavo de Distrito jueza based in Tamaulipas, Adriana Yolanda Vega Marroquíntook a friend to the former governor of Tamaulipas, Francisco Javier García Cabeza de Vacawhich orders the cancellation of the order of apprehension carried out against the alleged crime of organized delinquency and operations involving illegal proceedings.

“It’s the same as the outcome of the judgments,” the federal representative said in reference to the fact that the judgments are not prioritizing justice.

López Obrador’s declaration was only minutes after it was reported that Tamaulipas was resolving the problem of insecurity with the government of Américo Villarreal.

Disminuyen the crimes in Tamaulipas under the government of Américo Villarreal.
Photo: Archive

Instruyó to Jesús Ramírez, voice of the Presidency, project on the panel of the Hall Treasury the figures of insecurity in Tamaulipas. They presented the current figures as of April which recorded 71 homicides for each 100 million inhabitants, while the average at the national level is 119 homicides.

“It is clear that I have a diminution in crimes and I always guide myself in malicious homicide and in vehicles that are criminals who do not have a black figure, or it is very little the black figure that is more dependent on what happens,” I say.


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