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AMLO expropriate hydrogen plan in Hidalgo

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With the objective of fortalecer energy superiority and guarantee self-sufficiency in oil production, the Mexican Government decreed the nationalisation and immediate occupation of the product hydrogen U-3400, in Tula, Hidalgo.

In the Official Diary of the Federación, the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador published the expropriatory decree of the company that was sold in 2017 at the French Air Liquide Mexico in 52 million 700 million dollars.

Say the company has made a commitment to carry out maintenance and renovation work, but now immediate employment has been ordered for Pemex by paying an indemnización that will stipulate the Instituto de Administración y Avalúos de Bienes Nacionales.

López Obrador justified the law by increasing the demand for hydrogen to reduce the use of blue – most contaminating -, in the processing of petroleum products.

La planta U-3400 it is the only source of supply of hydrogen for the production process Refinería Miguel Hidalgowhich places the main production of gas and diesel in jeopardy, so as not to count on the amount that allows them to be used in the production process that is carried out in the refinery installations and that the oil reforming plants do not produce hydrogen in any case no quality required.

It is clear that currently there is no autonomy in supplying hydrogen because you are dependent on a third party and the U-3400 plant is the only source of supply for hydrogen for the production process Refinería Miguel Hidalgo.

“This puts the main production of gasolines and diesel in jeopardy.”


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