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AMLO criticizes the privatizations of Javier Milei in Argentina

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El president Andrés Manuel López Obrador critic the distincts privatizations who has his counterpart, Javier Milei in Argentina“it’s terrible, imagine that education is deprived, that greetings if you are private, all transport is private, the airports are private, the counters are private, the companies are private,” I say.

It was noted that what is living in that country was lived with precedent here in Mexico, causing a monstrous desigualdad economic and social, and that only one group was happy with it, but the majority of people were very bad at it, “they were forced to seek life for others”, he said.

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“It’s terrible to imagine that education is deprived” commented AMLO on the government of Javier Milei
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The agent, noted that it is also regrettable that some Mexicans will turn to States Unidos to work honestly, this has allowed and helped the paísyou can calculate this year paisanos they will send 63 million dollars to their family members, a record figure that has never been exceeded, “this is the proof that the mexicano It’s pure heart that goes away and doesn’t forget.”

Now I just want to feel optimistic, so consider that no matter what you’re going to end up with administrationthis does not mean if it goes back to there antigua politics or to the old politics where everyone is interests Let’s say, least of all, “I’m convinced, I’m sure what’s going to happen continuity with change,” he concluded.

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