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AMLO celebrates the growth of the Mexican economy: “The arrivals also benefit”

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With the policies of Cuarta Transformación, they are benefiting the most poor people and as long as the most rich people, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador stated this Saturday to presume that the economy of Mexico it’s growing.

“There is a choco jarocho saying that happens at some time in a community, according to the word (he says): when the milk is good enough it is enough for the child. But, here it is better to talk proportionally and for justice it is needed by the people most and that is what makes me proud,” he said before a multitude of people in the Sports Unit of Tepeaca, Puebla.

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López Obrador celebrated that the most needed are those who have benefited the most from the policies of the Fourth Transformation
PHOTO: Presidency

AMLO highlights the impact of the Bienestar programs

During your supervision event Programas para el Bienestarthe federal representative affirmed that his government has promoted policies such as sending “corruption to the curb”, austerity in government and the department of more than 600 million pesos in social programs that have stimulated growth economic from Mexico.

I say that today the country has “a very strong economy, one of the most solid economies in the world that is attracting the direct foreign inversion, as has not happened before; Furthermore, he assumed that at the end of 2023 the Mexican peso will be the money that is most valued above the dollar at the international level.

“We know how the crises were, the devaluations, which you are not presenting unfortunately in our country. And this allows you to go right down and go right to the middle and go right up. Both arrivals are receiving benefits,” he said.

Accompanied by the Poblanian governor Sergio Salomón Céspedes and the social policy of its government, the tabasqueño stated that the department of more than 600 million pesos of the federal treasury through social programs also benefits the privileged classes of Mexico.

Sympathizers look forward to the event of Andrés Manuel López Obrador in Puebla
PHOTO: Special

“For this we seek the good handling of the requirement to attend to everyone. There are 35 thousand horses in our country, we are linking directly when less with a program of goodness at 30 million horses, from 35 to 30 million horses, we link them when less than a portion of the requirement, and the others five, to those who They don’t even directly benefit from it, because they’re growing our economy,” he said.

Less than a few months after finishing his sexennium, in September of this year, President López Obrador also said that his opponents “are going to demand with their teeth” for more gasolinazos in his administration and increases in impuestos, I can say that they don’t do it Thanks to the good management of the public treasury in its administration.

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