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AMLO assures that Lenia Batres will not get the same as the ministers of the Court

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In the morning press conference, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador celebrated the integration of the new minister into the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN), Lenia Batreswho stands out to a principled, strong, incorruptible woman, a true defender of justice and signaled that she is called “The minister of the people”, making a comparison with Francisco Villa who was also known as the “Revolutionary of the people ”.

Prior to his recent investiture as the new minister of the SCJN, the president ensured that Lenia Batres Not perceiving the role that is commonly assigned to people who work in this institution, the president realizes that the minister has a policy of state austerity, which means that she is not going to get more than she does.

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AMLO highlights the 3 virtues of Lenia Batres as minister of the SCJN

Lenia Batres promises autonomous management at the SCJN: “We will analyze it case by case”

How is it possible that a minister who is obliged to comply with the constitution, is violating it?, because even more than the president, when article 127 of the Constitution, establishes that no official can do more than what the president of la República” recalcó the Mexican representative.

AMLO y sus roces con la SCJN

The conflict between President López Obrador and the SCJN, is not a secret, and on repeated occasions during their morning conferences, the Mexican president has insisted that this body requires a renovation, with the aim of making the people the one who seeks it out. magistrates, ministers and judges.

The rocks between both became more evident when she was on the cargo as minister president Norma Piña. In the conference on the 2nd of January 2023, the president referred to her by saying that he “voted against the initiatives that we defend”, since this day the differences between the president and the ministers have become public.

The tension between both parties grew when Norma Piña was asked by López Obrador and concluded with a speech on the 106th anniversary of the Carta Magna, although AMLO declared that this did not affect her, in March in a public act of the president, various supporters called for a piñata with the image of the president of the SCJN.

In the past month, marches have been carried out in favor of the SCJN and Norma Piña, where they have reported and criticized the reports of the Federal Executive Committee, which have been said by both of them when states where the 4T is not governed are denied the use of them Free Text Books.

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