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AMLO a month after this term on sexenio: what pendientes holds the president in 2024?

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With a humanist speech focused on waiting for the people of the country, the incoming president Andrés Manuel López Obrador enlisted on December 1st Zocalo They capitalized on a series of compromises to transform Mexico and fight corruption, but this, in agreement with the Executive, is the origin of most of the problems in the nation.

More of your arguments prior to the elections presidentials It was that neoliberalism profoundly affected the Mexican economy. The president did not give in and decided to enlist until 100 compromises. For 2020, in his second government report, López Obrador assured that many only had 5 compromises with the people of Mexico. However, you have several of these objectives that do not have an exact method to evaluate or verify them, so there is still uncertainty over whether the Executive Director has fulfilled any of these promises during his administration.

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López Obrador continues his work to fulfill his 100 government promises
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Despite doubts, the victory of the Morenista in the ballot box was overwhelming, due to the fact that in 53.19 many of the voters were inclined towards the tabasqueño and their social proposals, marking a hit in the history of the Mexican suffrage. The INE registers showed that they obtained 30 million 113 million 483 votes, among which 63 million 863 resided abroad. Therefore, the expectations that were held around the end of the tabasque were great.

AMLO was compromised at 100 logs from 2018

One of the factors that you must consider is how Andrés Manuel López Obrador considers several distinct compromises It weighs on the fact that they have not finalized the six years of their administration, so it is not possible to ensure that these indices will follow in the same way including with others at the front of the Executive. Some of the promises that have undoubtedly been fulfilled are the cancellation of pensions to ex-presidents, creating a National Guardimplement el Banco de Bienestaras well as the countless social programs that target people, students, mothers and workers in the field.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador finalizes his administration on October 1, 2024
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Oil and gas during AMLO’s sexennium: how do we go?

Pemex continues with a bill higher than a bill of 800 million pesos
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Furthermore, it is necessary to observe with a broad panorama the variety of logs that were promised to the Mexican people, therefore it is necessary to mention the compromises in oil matters, more specifically when it comes to keeping the liter of gasoline in 10 Mexican pesos, and I weigh those criticisms about it like a gasolinera de Veracruz The liter cost 28 pesos and does not define the price mark at the national level, it is clear that the liter is not linked to the promised figure, which currently ranges between 20 and 23 Mexican pesos.

Furthermore, the fuel crisis continues, practice in which oil pipes are drilled to extract gasoline and sold on the black market. During 2023, between January and September, Pemex reported a total of 11 million 140 drillings.

Saturation of airports, an assumed slope in Mexico

Other compromises are not able to adjust the saturation at the International Airport of the City of Mexico (AICM), place where you want to feed the flow pasajerosincreased it to the level of before breaking its record with the highest number of users in 2023 (52 million, approximately), also with the construction of the Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA).

The saturation of passengers in the AICM continues
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Provide free medications to Mexicans

Pese a que la megapharmacy proposed by López Obrador to guarantee the supply of medicines in whichever state of the Republic has been finalized to be built, at the beginning of the operations it has not yet begun, so what is wrong to verify whether this project which proposes to resolve the fault of medicines will really work For those who require urgent care, follow up with your treatment and you cannot access them due to the disease or the high prices.

Today, the Desabasto Collection revealed that in its latest report from 2017 to 2021, drug tests for a variety of medications in the IMSS and ISSSTE increased by 950 percent. During 2017, 229 juicios were reported, while at the end of 2022 the figure reached 602 million.

Reduce the weight to other officials

The numerous criticisms that are well understood Andrés Manuel López Obrador has dedicated to the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation through declarations in its press conferences, to the point of criticizing the fallacy of austerity. “It’s a shame,” declared the president about the income received by the justice counselors, after he mentioned that they earn 43 times more than the average salary of the workers of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS).

Therefore, the head of the Executive has expressed his intentions to present an initiative to reduce the salaries and wages of these officials, as well as eliminate privileges to obtain major salaries in distinct categories. In this sense, it is done to verify that he obtains the mayority in the Congress and the proposal that directly affects these workers is valid.

Privileges of the ministers of the Court expuestos by AMLO

  • Aguinaldos superior to 500 mil Mexican pesos.
  • Two holiday periods a year.
  • Presupuesto superior to the five thousand years to contract personally annually.
  • I pay more than 600 million pesos a year.
  • Apoyo para peajes de autopistas.
  • Pension vitalicia.
  • Secure medical gases for ministers and family members which amounts to 30 million pesos.
  • Fund to buy in restaurants in July which amounts to 723 million pesos.
Ministers of the Court hold a superior office to the President of the Republic
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“We are going to present an initiative to dispel the fideicomisos of the Judicial Power and that 20 million pesos will be given to students from low-income families, which will be worth the money,” he mentioned during a morning press conference in May 2023.

AMLO’s full compromises

However, the sex has also presented its stories in distinct areas. López Obrador encouraged federal projects that have the potential to benefit citizens and contribute both to well-being and to Mexico’s National Product, which is why these initiatives must be constantly maintained.

  • Becas to students.
  • Pensions for adults mayores.
  • Fortalecimiento of the Mexican peso.
  • Creation of the National Guard.
  • Creation of the Bienestar Bank.
  • Construction and inauguration of the Mayan Train.
  • Increase in the minimum wage.
  • Implementation of medium-environmental programs such as Qualendo Vida.
  • Construction and inauguration of the Felipe Ángeles International Airport.

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