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American Visa: Can you be denied to have tattoos?

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Different myths exist at the moment of through your visa first time, or wait to request a refund; some of them must follow the form in which you see them when writing your quote, including the words you use in front of the counselor you are dealing with, among others.

I agree with the exconsul de United States in El SalvadorBrent Hanson, here is an interview on the Gusgri YouTube channel, there are various reasons why you can apply it law 214(b) I think you might be considered a myth, there are some countries or situations where The tattoos are worth a lot at the time to have your interview.

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There are tattoos that can arouse concern in the Council that will approve you, for example, those related to gangs or criminal gangs

The North American laws indicate that article 214(b) It means that at the time of requesting your visa you do not have any requirements such as a good or stable working situationeconomic, social and yet, the consular official did not agree with that Estuvieras fully calibrated.

Brent Hanson indicated that one of the greatest concerns of the United States is that they attract gangs to their front, or to any other part of their country, because they have a lot of attention when choosing the people from whom the gangs are always a reality , especially from Central America.

For the front, they have one expert in bands inside the workshops where visa transactions are made, you will have a complete study of the history of the people, including considers the aesthetics of the others, where they are precisely included tattoos.

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Tattoos are not a sufficient element to deny you a visa

De acuerdo with Brentsome of the questions that could cause more concern with the North American authorities, keep checking with the religions who follows the alleged members of the gangs, for example, keep a Santa Muerte tattooed and other figures to those who adore, and including the name of their pandillas.

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This, I say, does not mean that tattoos for you are an impediment to obtaining the visa of the United States, so you can keep all the tattoos you want and while you have no worries in the council for its meaning, so you can keep calm .

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