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America reaches the final with doubts after losing to San Luis

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América took the last step to the final of the AP.2023, one soulless, with loss and folly. With the work done in the first leg, they had the luxury of losing 0-2 against the Atlético de San Luis at the Azteca Stadium, and sign the 5-2 overall that puts him in the fight for his 14th star, although with doubts due to what was presented in the second leg.

The booing, at half time and throughout the second half, had a place due to the high standards of play to which the teams were accustomed. Eagles, and that they were not seen yesterday. Among the chattering, it went from “Tonight we have to win!” to the demand of “Put eggs…!” The undefeated duels of the azulcremas in Liga MX.

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America allowed itself to slow down and was condescending to the Potosí team, which it found in Luis Malagon the wall that definitively stopped his illusions. The goalkeeper made at least four saves that could have ended in a goal, which would have added drama to a night that, luckily for the capital, did not happen.

Apart from the goalkeeper, only Henry Martín, Diego Valdés, Sebastián Cáceres, Jonathan dos Santos. The six changes he made André Jardine He allowed the visitor to formulate inexhaustible touches of the ball for more than half an hour. Despite this, there was no feat for San Luis, who to advance to the final needed to emulate Toluca of the AP. 2003, last team to beat the Águilas 6-0. However, he did damage with the double from former Chiva, Ángel Zaldívar (47′ and 86′).

The modifications were counterproductive for the Eagles. Instead of giving them a rest, they sowed doubts ahead of the title series. Despite the entry of Julián Quiñones, Alejandro Zendejas and Álvaro Fidalgo, the team only had to regret a header against the crossbar by the Colombian-born. The last time the azulcremas went blank at home was on March 4 of this year, when Pachuca They won 0-3 on Matchday 10 of the previous tournament.

The next time América plays at the Azteca Stadium, it will be to play in the AP.2023 final, the tenth in short tournaments, after four years of not reaching it, in search of the long-awaited 14th that highlights the greatness of its history, although there are doubts.

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