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America is the 2023 Apertura champion: they have a new monarch in the MX league

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Tigers y America they met for a new ending Liga MXwhence las Águilas he played on cup number 14 in the history of the team, while the team UANL iban for the novena, and the sixth in the era of André-Pierre Gignacthe biggest foreigner of the last few years.

During the first 99 minutes they could not do any harm, and they would stay until the extra time, but the felines would travel with a lesser player, Raymundo de Jesús Fulgencio Románquien fue expelled in the 80th minute for a touch against the player Quiñonesdelantero star of America and the Mexican selection.

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The game was complicated during the regular period and ended with no goals. Credit: Mexsport

America joins the campaign in extra time and reaches the 14th of its escudo

Fue Julián Andrés Quiñones responsible for the first goal scored in the extra time of the game. At the first minute of having trudged the actions. After a round of complaints, the porter of the UANL was awarded, Nahuel Guzmanwho at the next game was expelled, leaving his team with two lesser players.

America He signed up for Estrella 14 and was crowned champion of the 2023 Apertura, winning 3-0 (4-1) overall. Tigers during the tournament, which saw the arrival of 74 million 954 fans in the Estadio Azteca.

Julian Quiñones (91′), Richard Sanchez (104′) y Jonathan Rodriguez (119′) they defined the setting in the extra time and with it, the blue creams broke a racha of five years without losing the crown and won the title for the first time in a second match at home, from the moment they hit it at the 2014 Opening, precisely before the northern felines.

At the Águilas the latter’s work was stable on the playing field, because unlike Ida’s team, this time his rival presented a more organized pattern, above all in the medium field.

Quiñones opened the game. Credit: MexSport

America won 3-0 against Tigres in the first round of the Liga MX league

This allowed the felines to confidently deploy with wide and effective paths, with the handle of the balón of the Coapa exjugadores: Diego Lainez as I fly behind you, y Sebastian Córdova playing more through the center, keeping the center of the other side as the only one André-Pierre Gignac.

The Frenchman was a constant amusement for me Luis Malagon, and at minute 8, I had a ready row that just got out of the door. Even when there is no clarity, the blue and cream board is treated by responders based on the ability of the Julian Quiñones. But the connection with the rest of the delanteros was lost, due to the superior regions to close the spaces well.

After a moment the game will play in a duel aimed at the position of the ball. And from where various roles were presented, the referee Adonai Escobedo had to stop to try to give them more fluidity to the spot.

It was, until the 27th minute, that America had its first great opportunity in a game that started on the left side and that Diego Valdés rowed, but where the goal was Nahuel Guzman the odd one was lit when the odd one was struck. In the game at the end of the ball, at 33′, Gignac gave the second warning of the visit, with the capezazo, where once again the hero was Malagon the journey arrives at the end.

America scored 3-0. Credit: MexSport

The biggest flaw of the first 45 minutes is God before the descanso, when the same Quiñones I can’t row from the head in a comfortable way, it’s hard to just stand in front of the door in the center on the right side. The complement entered in the rocks and the two sides work to make the position of the esférico. The last few minutes came, in the 63rd minute, in an odd match Valdes who deflected the shot, but above all, in the 70th minute, in a shot at the poste de Carioca.

As part of the tension of the match, in the 72nd minute he began to give the homophobic shout, attempting to defend Nahuel Guzman. The match changed its tone with the expulsion of Raymundo Fulgencio, in the 83rd minute, who only took 10 minutes in the game, between a rock and a superb hand to Julian Quiñones.

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In a hidden place, it was the Mexican natural who was responsible for giving her the glory to her Águilas, in the 91st minute, finishing with a volley that landed him inside the area. The team took charge of the other side, in the 96th minute, with the expulsion of the Patón Guzmán.

At 104 I arrived Richard Sanchez with a shot outside the area, just to the corner of the goalkeeper, he was caught in the final of the Mexican futbol with one of the best goals of the night sports game. With this, practically the tournament could be finalized, and the trophy could be awarded to the Águilas. Cabecita Rodríguez the match ended with a 3-0 score at the corner.

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