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Alma Delia Moisés desaparecieron Tepotzotlán viernes su hijo fue localizado

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La pareja integrated por Alma Delia y Moises disappeared after last November 10th Tepotzotlana municipality considered as Como magical village of the State of Mexico (Edomex). According to the information shared by his family members, the young marriage was accompanied by one of his three sons. However, the least of two years was located just now.

Wait for the moment, if you know that it’s the last time Alma Delia y Moises they were seen, it was in the mediations of the fraccionamiento Paseos de Bugambilias. Subsequently, the family of the youngsters has never responded to them by telephone.

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What is it that you know about the disappearance of Alma and Moisés?

The authors will send you the search form of the pair. Credits: Fiscalía del Edomex.

After the 10th of November, you and your family Alma y Moises They have no information about paradero. For this situation, you should be careful beforehand General Tax of Justice of the Mexican Statewho sent you the alert to ask both of you.

Asymism, the people look for the desaparecida pair has solicited the apoyo of the population in general. This is with the aim of helping you meet them after four days without returning home. Including, on the cuñada de nombre de Jazmín he recorded with desperation that there are three kids who are hoping for the next time.

And that’s what we record Alma Delia y Moises they are fathers of three little ones and that one was with them the day they disappeared. However, let me mention that now, the two-year-old baby who was located in your home is with her other two children.

Who are Alma and Moisés, who disappeared in Tepotzotlán?

Moisés García Hernández is 32 years old. Credits: Fiscalía del Edomex.

I read with the purchased cards shared by you General Tax of the Mexican State, Alma Delia Curtis Valdez Born on May 21, 1992. He is currently 31 years old and follows the information shared by the authorities, 1.55 meters above sea level, and of high quality and white construction. As mentioned above, you have a strange scar from the operation of three cesareans and a perforation in your ears.

Por su parte, Moisés García Hernández Born on June 11, 1991. The 32-year-old man, 1.80 meters tall, of medium build, with light brunette hair, black hair and nariz achatada. As noted in particular, he has a scar between his cejas and one on his upper lip.

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