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All the key points of the reform initiatives proposed by AMLO

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In the mark of Constitution Daythis February 5th, el President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) publicly presented a series of initiatives from reformas a la Carta Magna in educational, laboral, electoral matters, social programs, use of water and including, animal abuse. Let us tell you which are the key points of our proposals.

During a ceremony carried out today National Palace and with the presence of a large part of his cabinet, the first agent removed that his objective to present the initial declarations is to change all those legal modifications that were made during what was called “the periods neoliberals“.

“Oriented to modify the content of anti-popular articles that were introduced during the neoliberal or neo-porphyrist period. All of these, all these reforms of the neoliberal period contrary to the public interest”, said AMLO.

Following reading:

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Government Secretary delivers packages of initiatives to the Chamber of Deputies

The owner of Segob sent the package of initiatives to the Chamber of Deputies. Credits: Cuartoscuro.

This same February 5th, Luisa María Alcaldeowner of the Secretariat of Government (Segob), he entered the Chamber of Deputiesthe package of initiatives for reforms to the Constitution given to know by the president of the Republic. For what you have to hope for what these and the legislators discuss them and in every case, you should be aware of them.

“By instruction of the president we come today to receive this package and we place this discussion, this analysis, in his hands, and we hope that they will be converted into part of the constitutional text”, signaled the secretary.

These are the key points of the reform initiatives proposed by AMLO

Below is the argument that it is necessary to “protect” what the administration has done, López Obrador God knows 20 initiatives for constitutional reforms before they conclude their period before the presidential seat. These are the key points of his suggestions:

  • indigenous and Afro-Mexican peoples: requires recognizing them as required by law, consulting them on tasks that may affect them and giving them legal legitimacy;
  • social programs: ensure that the pension of older adults is extended starting from 65 years and that together with the payment of people with disabilities, it receives an annual increase;
  • becas: The objective is that this aid supports “pobres families” at all educational levels.
  • medical attention: it is claimed to be complete and free throughout the country;
  • vivienda: look for all the workers to have their own house;
  • abused animal: requests prohibition throughout the country;
  • natural recursos: banning the transgenic product in the national territory and not granting concessions for open-air mining activity;
  • water: you need to protect the return only for domestic use in areas with risk;
  • drugs: eliminate the trade in vapers and synthetic drugs as well as punish the crime of extortion;
  • minimum salary: Please ensure that annual inflation does not decrease. Furthermore, the objective is that professionals such as teachers, policemen, marines or doctors therefore no less than those who are enrolled in the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS);
One of AMLO’s great suggestions has to do with pensions. Credits: Cuartoscuro.
  • pensions: upon finality, the reforms on the matter applied in the years 1997 and 2007 are respected;
  • education and work: you can continue with programs such as “Jóvenes Construyendo el Futuro”;
  • farmers: he intends to maintain the gubernamental apoyos as he did from “sistenzando vida”;
  • passing trains: has the objective of using the 18 thousand kilometers of highways granted during Ernesto Zedillo’s government and guaranteeing access to the internet in the population;
  • electoral sphere: seeks the reduction of gas in campaigns and political parties as well as the elimination of plurinominal legislators. Furthermore, the electoral councilors must be elected by means of the vote;
  • judicial field: the finality is that the songs and the songs are chosen by the people;
  • security: transfer the National Guard to the Secretaría de la Defense Nacional (Sedena);
  • austerity: seek to establish in the Constitution that no official can gain more than the President of the Republic;
  • dependencies: aims to eliminate “autonomous organisms” created in the “neoliberal period”.

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