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Alexis asesinaron on her cumpleaños a shot in the head of illinois united states

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Alexis Emanuel Rodríguez Alarcóna young man originally from Coacoatzintla, Veracruzwas asesino en Illinois, United Statesjust on the day of his birthday number 23. Those who happened on the 5th of November when the many Mexicans headed to their friends to celebrate this special day, but they were the victim of a ataque in balazos that ruined her life.

Wait for the moment, local media will inform you that it is there aggression Occurrió en cuadra 5200 Maplewood en Chicago. It is assumed that the young man was inside a vehicle, when people started to shoot him until a bale hit him directly on the head.

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Who was Alexis Emanuel, young Veracruzano born in the EU?

Alexis was originally from Chapultepec, a location that is located in the municipality of Coacoatzintla in Veracruz. Credits: Facebook/Laura Solano.

Alexis Emanuel Rodríguez Alarcón he was a young man who recently turned 23 years old. He was originally from Chapultepeca location that is located in the municipality of Coacoatzintla en Veracruz. According to the publications that his evenings queried of him have been in the social circles, it is possible to know that she took a year in United States.

A Facebook user identified as Daniel Rodríguez explained that Alexis He was a football lover who just took a year to make the decision to come to the United States with the aim of finding a better future for himself and his family. However, he lamented that the time in the North American country was so short due to the aggression of the one he was victim.

“Unfortunately, the time she could use was very short because an evil coward ruined her life for some reason. Nadie can understand why things seem so bad to people who don’t care about them,” she read on Facebook.

Family members and friends of Alexis require justice

Alexis’s insult has caused a wave of indignation in social circles. Credits: Facebook/Laura Solano.

The asesinato de Alexis Emanuel has generated a whole wave of indignation in social circles. In this sense, both family members and friends as well as Facebook users have summed up the need for justice and they called the people with the aim that they should not share the news.

By using the hashtag #JusticiaparaAlexis, various people have complained about the failure of the youth and piden the intervention of the Mexican government in the investigations of the case. Including, he began to circulate the image of a solidarity convocation to support the cause.

“Beforehand, we appreciate the moral support that can show people who are in the United States. They know how difficult it is to get there for a dream and who will stop you in a second”, you can read in the image.

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