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Alert in China: they confirm the death of a woman who was infected by avian virus

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A woman33 years old, I lost my life tras contagiose from an extraña cepa de gripe aviar in Hong Kong, China. According to local media, the patient was taken to the hospital on October 22nd and after one week of hospitalization she failed as a consequence of the illness; According to the doctors, the patient – whose identity has not yet been revealed – was infected with the H5N6 strain, the deadliest that exists.

Chinese authorities informed that the cepa H5N6 It is the one that has a higher mortality rate, which is around 39%. However, it is also a very strange thing, so it is not common for people to like it. In the last 10 years, the country alone has recorded 88 cases of this illness, but it has lost its life a little less than half the number of patients, which represents a risk to health.

The patient died within a few weeks of becoming infected. Photo: freepik.

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How does the H5N6 avian virus get infected?

Following information from the World Health Organization, the gripe aviar It has low pathogenicide, which means that it can cause mild illness, even if it can lead to desapercibida. However, some strains of avian influenza are highly pathogenic, which is why they have the capacity to infect human beings, representing a public health threat.

The main form of transmission is by humans through direct or indirect contact with infected animals or with environments and surfaces contaminated by them. Spraying, handling of infected corral corpses and preparing corral waste for consumption, especially in domestic settings, may also be risk factors. Symptoms in people can arise after an infection in the respiratory tract, as long as dead.

The avian grip is transmitted from aves to humans. Photo: cuartoscuro.

What are the symptoms of H5N6 avian fever?

  • Tos
  • Diarrhea
  • Respiratory difficulty
  • Fiebre
  • Head pain
  • General indisposition (general malaise)
  • Muscular pain
  • Nasal discharge
  • Garganta pain

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