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Alert for salmon broil in Mexican melons; These people have died in the United States

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Ocho personasoriginating from United States and Canada have passed away Mexican melons allegedly contaminated with salmonella. Based on information from the local media, patients are told where to buy fruit at local supermarkets. Currently, the authorities are following the withdrawal of the products, to avoid an increase in cases.

In total, United States informed that more than 230 people were infected with salmonella, of which 96 were hospitalized. On the other hand, Canada explained that in the country there are more than 129 cases and 44 hospitalizations. While both countries record, at the same time, a total of one death from salmonella.

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At least 230 people have been infected in the United States. Photo: special.

Are the contaminated melons originating from Mexico?

Elements of the Secretaría de Agricultura y Desarrollo Social de Mexico let you know that it is currently reviewing its security melonswho might be related to the cases of salmonella which were reported in United States y Canada. The authorities suspect melons produced in Guaymas, Sonora, which allegedly are those responsible for the salmonella brood.

Hasta now, no one has corroborated what they are melons sean mexicanos; However, the Canadian authorities ensure that the fruit coming from Sonora is responsible for the contagious growth.

The illness occurs between 6 and 72 hours after ingestion. Photo: special.

What is salmonella and its symptoms?

Following information from the World Health Organization (WHO) salmonella It is an omnipresent and resistant bacteria that can survive for several weeks in a dry environment and several months in water. It is characterized by sudden onset of fever, abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. The symptoms of illness begin to appear between 6 and 72 hours after the illness.

If infected in the following ways:

  • For eating edible animals such as corral aves, pigs and vacunos.
  • Also in mascots, such as cats, pears, pájaros and reptiles such as tortoises.
  • Persons contracting the disease do so through the consumption of contaminated foods of animal origin (mainly meat, meat, corral and chicken), even though they also have other foods that are linked to the transmission, such as, for example, contaminated vegetables. estiércol.
  • It can also be transmitted to people via fecal-oral means.
  • Cases may occur when people come into contact with infected animals, including pets.

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