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Alert for new fraud outside a bank, use a check for all your belongings

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You go to the bench in a presencial way, you’ll see someone automatic cajero with any executive, including direct to the box, you must keep in touch with the people who are close to you to ask for help or information about someone through, it could all result in a fraud and no matter what a robo.

This is how some users reported it through the social networks. There is a modus operandi where a change of help to change a chequesfinish by quitting the cell phone, a watch, a button or a collar, among other valuable items, so that you must carefully review the procedure.

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When dealing with new frauds outside the counters, use a check for everything

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Through Twitter, the user identified as “@mareoflores” will know that during one of his recent visits to the benchhe encountered a situation in which a young person was looking for buy a cheque that wasn’t his name, because of who he was rechazadabut we advised you that it was about a fraud.

I say that it works from the moment that outside a bank branch, you find a person who can help you buy a cheque because you cannot take the stairs, or there is any other impediment to getting the box up and running. By changing them with your words, it is easy to change the paper.

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However, you know that you need to cell or anything else of value, especially as a guaranteed para que no les robes el money which presumably will save you from the local bank to change the cheque. When returning from the branch alerted to the fraud, the persons you’re not on the street if they have an idea with all these things.

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Can you buy a check from another person’s name? This is the correct path to follow

Remember to write a check to another person’s name, that’s what no if it can be done inside a bench, unless you have to deal with the necessary hardware; that’s what it says endowed the same thing before adding it to a cajera. This process is one written declaration on your cheque, as well as the personal data of the persons involved and a signature of the person issuing the cheque.

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