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Alert death 9 women estaban low penal custody Morelos

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At least new women they have lost their life inside the 8 Centro Federal de Readaptación Social (CEFERESO) 16, located in the state of Morelos. Based on investigations carried out by the Federal Institute for Public Defense (IFDP), the fallacies lost their lives lower state custody and their cases were classified as alleged suicides.

The information came out on the 28th of November and the investigations were carried out as a result of which they increased the awareness of women living in CEFERESO 16, as explained in the IFDP document: “in the context of growing concern and alarm by the information severe respect for the loss of life of at least 8 women in recent months, to whom the penitentiary authorities have called suicides, while they are in the lower custody of the State in the CEFERESO 16 in Morelos”, is detailed in the investigation.

The information came out last November 28th. Photo: special.

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What happened to the women who were in custody of the state in Morelos?

Likewise, the IFDP investigation highlighted that a visit to the federal prison, where the inmates were interviewed, was discovered to be at least 41 women They have antecedents of mental health problems. Furthermore, in the period in which the interviews were carried out, the death of a larger woman was recorded.

“During this visit, 21 public servants met with 41 women who had antecedents in the field of mental health and who must be urgently attended to. Lamentably, after our visit we all learned about it dead This is the same day as a older woman,” the Institute said in its investigation.

In the investigation it was discovered that 41 women reported having mental health problems. Photo: special.

Women are asked to pay attention to their mental health

The IFDP detailed that in this latest case, as in other dos, the women they contact with the representation of the Institute, so that prompt follow-up will be given to these cases. “Equally in this case, as in two additional ones, it concerns women who contact with the representation of this Institute and in that, in fulfillment of our obligations , if they were driven by actions, such as controversies in the framework of the National Penal Law, to ensure mental health, which aggravated the situation of desatiance that we condemn here”.

Finally, the IFDP signaled that necessary actions will be taken to curb the omissions and deficiencies in the mental health in CEFERESO 16.

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