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Ahijade de Jesús Ociel ventilates irregularities in this case: we are treated like “people from the second world”

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Last November 13th, Mexico was shocked with the news that Jesus Ociel Baena Saucedo, the electoral magistrates in Aguascalientes were located live in a residential area of ​​the entity. Immediately the case took strength thanks to the movement of LGBTQ+ groups in pursuit of justice. On the other hand, the family members of the official have brought the version of the General Tax of the State (FGE) which ensures that their likeness, identified as Dorian “N” picked up Baena Saucedo and then be careful against your life.

“Pasional crime, national lie”, was the message that was heard on the streets of all the states of the Mexican Republic. The trans activist Laurel Miranda, demanded in social circles, one investigation with a general perspective and that the authorities pursue all possible lines of investigation.

Follow the text:

Jesus Ociel Baena visited Oaxaca before his death, this was his last publication: “I want to live here”

What is a “passionate crime” and why does he victimize magistrate Jesús Ociel?

In the country, documentation of the Letra S organization, reported since 1995 they have advised about 310 LGBT people: 1021 men, 265 trans women and 24 women. The average number of homicides in the last 10 years is 71.1 cases per year. The states where the most asesinatos have come against trans people in Mexico are the City of Mexico (36), State of Mexico (22), Chihuahua (20), Veracruz (19) and New León (17).

Ahijade exhibit irregularities in the case

In conversation with MVS Noticias, the greeting of Jesus Ociel, Johan Fernández, denounced the magistrates and some have been victimized by the authorities since the investigation began. Including, she made it clear that the water supply, she is accustomed to treating the LGBTQ+ community “as second-class people”.

“We don’t want to contemplate the part of the crime of hate, but we must be aware that like people of sexual diversity we are victims of the torments of death.”, declared Johan

They also boarded the topic of hate speech, of whom Jesús Ociel was always white, to identify himself as a non-binary person. Johan felt that Mexican authorities do not measure the scope of the problem, the hatred of social rights can spread to an asesinato. “To the extent that we invalidate the crimes that can be attached to the cometer, if we want to penetrate it”, he concluded.

Thank you Jesus Ociel!, the words of a non-binary magistrate

Jesus is recorded for his actions in favor of the LGBTQ+ community and his shortcomings in electoral and documentary fields. The magistrates He obtained the first credential of the INE and the first passport with the case of no binary.

Among the latest messages published on their official channels of Instagram, Twitter and TikTok, one is participating in an event organized by the Labor Party (PT), which took place on Saturday 11 November and was celebrated at the Hotel Victoria Oaxaca .

On this same platform I shared various stories of the people and officials who asked for a photograph and labeled it in social circles. The magistrates are an example of life, of living fully and with sexual freedom, of gender and identity, leading to conversion into the first magistrate no track throughout the American continent.

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