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Agustín, 8 years old, went to an arroyo and now searches without leaving: “I promise you to be together every morning”

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Agustin Menna He is 8 years old and after the past he was 4 years old and disappeared after having passed away. caído to a arroyo and they were lifted by the force of the water current when it was loaded holiday care at one of his first 13 years, he couldn’t avoid the fact that the youngest was arrested together with the horse he was riding.

The accident of the child occurred in the Bonaerense party of Tres Arroyos in Argentina where the two younger adults were forced to go up and join a group of vacationers, when one of them quickly left the path and crossed it arroyo who was looking for the journey, before that, the little boy was for the holiday, but that’s what I got by the force of the current.

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From now on the games are played by Agustín Menna. Photo: FB / Mix Diario Digital

How the little boy was arrested in an arroyo in Argentina

Los dos niños cudieron al arroyo to get back to the boat that went astray, but there were problems with the water flow that left the horses behind. As you can tell, the 13 year old girl began to cling to her evil while he first supported her; without embargo, the lesser sucumbió before the force of the water.

In respect, the Secretary of Security of the Three Arroyos, Juan Apolonio Suarez described in the middle of the local area of ​​TN, that the children were arrested for at least 100 metres, but before the force of the current the child could not support himself first and ended up arrested by the water:

“You don’t know how, the little ones are caught by the horses and they are tied up approximately 100 meters away, as long as the little old girl grabs the evil, she goes up, but the little one who is holding on to her loses it and you don’t see it anymore”: Policia.

Agustín’s wife sent a message to help her locate the child. Photo: FB / Mix Diario Digital

The wife of Agustín Menna from a desperado mensaje

The little girl returned home to inform her family that she was the first transported by train of the arroyo. The local authorities unfolded a operating de busqueda. “If I did a rake with a submerged person from the spot for 10 or 12 kilometres, at the first stage. Next we found another search in the Claromecó area where the arroyos of the sea area were cleared,” said Apolonio Suárez.

The police message emphasized that the area where Agustín disappeared was not easy to access and was complicated before the flood of recent weeks; empire, they maintain the busqueda del menor con alrededor de 50 efectivos de la policy, bomberos y perros de rescate.

Agustín Menna’s wife dropped a message in the social circles to help her locate her sobrino: “Look, it’s a baby. I promise you to stay together every day again. If this is good, my life, I love you. The woman”, signaled the woman while some old people were tired of locate the child.

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