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Aguinaldo 2023: SSC applies operatives to avoid frauds and robos

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The year is about to end and with this the workers are busy fighting on the aguinaldo, but they are also starting to increase their strength and the hamstrings are starting to do their job.

Before the end of the year, the Secretaría de Seguridad Ciudadana de la Ciudad de México will implement the operational “Aguinaldo Seguro 2023” in which it will be deployed under 13 million 946 policies to protect citizens.

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The Cyber ​​Policy of the City of Mexico, as part of the operational. Photo: Cuartoscuro.

Be careful with online purchases

The Cyber ​​Security Policy of the City of Mexico (SSC) issues a series of recommendations as part of its efforts to protect consumers from possible attacks.

In 2022, with information on cyber security, the greatest number of frauds will emerge in the social networks and telephone calls, on the other hand the products that are usually sought after are items such as electronic devices, clothing, jewelry and decorative items .

Recommendations so you don’t like it

The Cyber ​​Policy recommends following the following advice to avoid a disaster.

  1. Check the authenticity of the website.
  2. Use intermediary payment platforms, pre-paid cards or single-use virtual cards.
  3. Avoid entering credentials or bank details on web sites.
  4. Please be advised of unwanted offers on the market.
  5. Ignore messages that report a cargo via SMS.

Before any doubt this organization offers citizen attention 24 hours a day, via the telephone number 55 5242 5100 or through its social networks @SSC_CDMX and @UCS_GCDMX.

The C5 service will also participate in the “Aguinaldo Seguro” operative. Photo: Cuartoscuro

It will increase vigilance in the 16th day

On the other hand, the Government of the CDMX informed that the 16 alcaldías will tend to increase the police force to avoid assaults and robberies by the hunt of aguinaldos.

The uniforms will have 24 thousand units, five troops, 20 motorcycles, 22 ambulances, as well as a helicopter from the Cóndores, which will monitor the CDMX.

All these elements pertaining to the SSC will be dispersed in government departments, private businesses, bank branches, shopping plazas, departmental businesses and some other points where different transactions are carried out.

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