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Afirme Bank: there are 6 officials of the government of the Republic who remain refugees, reveals the Fiscalía of BC

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María Elena Andradefiscal general of Baja California, it is necessary to know that there are six involved in the deduction of 123 million pesos made against the Government of the State through a surety, in which case it was held in David Alejandro “N”director of Signature Bank and accused of abuse of trust, which apprehension occurred in it HoustonTexas.

En interview with Sofía García para República Hacross the street Heraldo Televisionthe tax office mentioned that this insurance was completed thanks to the cooperation between Baja Californiathe authorities are common, as well as elements of the Interpol, institution which issued a red alert para dar con el paradero del refugee of justice.

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They were held by North American authorities
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David “N” will tend to resolve his migratory status before being transferred to Mexico

I commented that David “N” is in a process regarding his migratory status, which is why he is in custody at the bottom Service of Aduanas of the United States, where you will tend to resolve your legal situation before a North American trial. Next, he will be presented before the Mexican authorities to respond to the crimes of those who accuse him.

“The investigation continues on its course, is at a priori stage, including coordination with the North American authorities who notified Interpol, who immediately notified the Mexican authorities,” the tax officer reported.

Although it is not classified as a serious crime in the Constitution, it is an urgent matter given the important cause that was derailed during the fraudulent action by David Alejandro “N” and his accomplices, mentioned the Baja Californian tax.

At the moment, there are six officials bound to the trial, as well as most people related to the accused. Nabor “N”, also representative of Afirme Bankand this reward would rise to a medium million pesos.

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