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Aeroméxico cancels tens of flights for safety inspection

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Following the tragic accident of an airship Alaska Airlineswhich goes beyond the Portland International Airport having lost part of the fuselaje in full flight, decades of airlines all over the world have decided to review the aircraft Boeing 737 MAX 9 which form part of its flotillas.

Aeromexico no exception, and after the 6th anniversary of the accident, now after the accident was reported in which, fortunately, no one was injured, he decided to concentrate his 19 aircraft of this model in it International Airport of the City of Mexico for your review.

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“In accordance with what was indicated there Federal Aviation AdministrationAeroméxico will maintain its aircraft on the ground B737 MAX-9 until you go through the due review process.

“There inspection of our MAX-9 fleet will end in the shortest time to continue with the planned operations and we will continue working in coordination with Boeingas well as with the competent authorities”, revealed the national airline in a press release.

The airline announced the suspension of flights operating with these aircraft. Photo: X / Aeroméxico

There are tens of affected items

From the time of issuing the press release, after 6 days of black, decades of vuelos with destinys como San Antonio, Vancouver, Dallas, Tijuana, Guadalajara y Zacatecasbetween others, they have been cancelled.

The aircraft were concentrated in the International Airport of the City of Mexico. Photo: Cuartoscuro

The following information is offered to the airline workers’ union, trece aeronaves They will have been reviewed by specialized teams, but will be incorporated into the active fleet on subsequent days.

“De acuerdo las directives e indicaciones de las aviation authorities authorities, including the Federal Aviation Administration and the manufacturer Boeing, we meet in the final phase of inspection of these teams. Let’s hope for this form that we all do MAX-9 our fleet will be reinstated in the operation in the next few days.

Aeroméxico reports that its aircraft will fly shortly. Photo: X / Aeroméxico

“Yes indeed the origin of this situation was once upon a time Aeromexico, we reiterate our most sincere apologies for the inconveniences caused to our customers. In Aeroméxico, safety always comes first,” he detailed the airline in a new communication.

How will Aeroméxico compensate me if my ticket was cancelled?

Instants after informing about the review of the 19 MAX-9 aircraft, Aeromexico I highlighted the shape in which it will compensate for the passengers who were affected by the cancellation of the flights.

From here on the official page, all those traveling with this bottle keep the plate 139, including the shared codes, I will tend to choose a compensation. One of them is the shipping of an electronic voucher to you total cost of the bullet canceled to fly on any airline route during a year.

Another option for those who have a vuelo de Aeroméxico es la reexpedición del boleto until 28 days after the date of your original journey without additional cost.

Aeroméxico indicated distinct forms to compensate affected customers. Photo: Cuartoscuro

“No te cobraremos cargo por change of date no difference in fare, always and when the same route and paid cabin is respected. Shipping costs are condoned.

“It allows change of route without cargo. In case there is a difference in the tariff between the original voucher and the new voucher, you must be aware of the difference when making the change”, it details.

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