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Adrián Alcalá criticizes AMLO’s actions at INAI: “You can’t have democracy if people don’t question their authorities”

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Adrian Alcalaappointed president of the Instituto Nacional de Transparencia, Acceso a la Información y Protecciónde Datas Personales, habló sobre el proceso en el que se appointo su nuevo encargo al fronto del INAI. He said that the vote is carried out in authentic democracy, with plurality of ideas and opinions, but respecting the forms and with a favorable result, in the place of four rounds of voting.

En interview with Mario Maldonado para News from the Morning en Heraldo Media Groupthe federal official ensured that in a democracy, what is required after going through a voting process as God passed in the past, is to rise united, strong and with the very clear objectives of the institution.

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“The INAI rose united and strong through the vote of the Domingo”
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The newly appointed president ensured that no one can think in democracy if there are no autonomous bodies that guarantee access to information and that allow questions to the authorities. “The truth does not visualize a state of right, a democracy, as the Mexican Republic should be, until the people can ask and question their authorities or a country in which their authorities do not have the obligation to respond to them questions”.

However, the INAI does not only serve to issue or supervise the use of money by the authorities. It also helps people on individual topics, such as accessing a phone, a service, having a clinical experience or knowing how many weeks are kept tracked in the Social Security or in the Infonavit.

“It’s not just about transparency, it’s also about protecting personal data”

The newly appointed president explained that it will be complicated that López Obrador’s initiative to desaparecer the autonomous institutions, could be approved with a higher ranking, “but this does not mean that we want to sleep in our laurels. Let’s go to the parliamentary spaces and let’s go to demonstrate how this institute functions, because it is a topic that the head of the Executive has not stopped insisting on”.

The INAI seeks to guarantee access to information for all citizens
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“I am not interested in whether it is a topic to win followers or not it is to win followers (for AMLO’s part), but what interests us is to make a call to civil society to be united and that we can guarantee that we are right to ask , receive responses and keep control of who has access to your personal data”, finalized.

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