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Adonai baleada old man Iztapalapa discussion mascot now fears for his life

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Adonai Quintero I had an altercation with one of his vecinos due to a problem that I have with you mascotthe 26 year old woman was attacked by the man with the place to discuss God a balaz in your home located in the hot tub Iztapalapa de la City of Mexico.

The group among the old people comes when Adonai’s lost one reaches the bathroom just inside the door of the neighbor’s house in the house located there San Juan de la Joya. The altercation was intensified by the fact that the annoying man took a gun and shot the man in the woman’s shoulder.

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Adonai was healed on the shoulder to receive a gift. Photo: Telediario

Was Adonai amused by his neighbor in Iztapalapa?

After having taken the balance on the right side of his shoulders, Adonai Quintero was the one to rise complaint for aggression. “I never heard the story, she disappeared from me on the other side of the road to the heights of my bus,” the woman described in an interview with Telediario.

“When I turned to my neighbor, he was coming to me and had the weapon in his hand”: Adonai.

The injured woman was transferred to the Hospital General of Iztapalapa. Upon being checked, the doctors identified that she was bala quedó alojada inside the expand of the victim, the project was “encapsulated” so that it could not be removed from Adonai’s body.

The neighbor who danced to Adonai is a refugee. Photo: Telediario

The young woman of 26 years of age was justifiably attacked by her neighbor, who was considered to be a conflictive person, and lamented that now she will tend to live with the beloved girl inside her body for the rest of her life, she emphasized.

“He is a person who has a bad head, he is a very problematic person… at least he is responsible for what happened to me”: Adonai

The same night she was attacked, Adonai was there General Tax of the City of Mexico. “Estuve en riesgo, pude haber die. I can’t be the first one, because someone else will pass by,” the young woman said. If you ignore the hero of the aggressor who disappeared to Adonai, he will fear for his life.

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