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Adolescents film animal abuse; they throw a perrito from the ravine in Michoacán

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In social circles the aggression of the two went viral teenagers against a perished. Those who were filmed in the municipality of Peribán, in Michoacán and were documented by the young people, who filmed the torture against the dog on video. The clip was shared by organizations in defense of animals, who explained the behavior of the aggressors and demanded that the authorities ensure that the case is investigated and has a sanction for the victims.

The images show to two young people – those traveling on a motorcycle – loading a casualty. The farmers brought the animal until the end puente and afterwards they solved it, without importing the height where they encountered. Later, the teenagers showed that the animal would survive the cat, so one of them started to shoot it with a dart gun, with the intention of provoking it as much as possible.

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The young men threw themselves at the perrito from the top of a bridge. Photo: captura de pantalla.

What are the authorities?

Hasta ahora, no está clearo si el perished I overlived it aggression, but in the video it is noted that the can does not die as a consequence of the caída. In the same way, it is unknown whether the animal was helped or abandoned in the ravine. The identity of the farmers has not been known, but some internet users it is clear that the young people appear to be natives of the Plan de Ayala community.

For these violent people, no authority has been pronounced in respect. Sin embargo, colectivos y organizaciones en pro de los derechos de los animalisthey urged the authorities to take up the case and investigate the attackers, to ensure that the sanctions corresponding to them are addressed mistreated to the dog, who could have died as a result of the severe injuries he suffered from the fall and the impacts of the darts.

The perrito was found destitute and with signs of mistreatment. Photo: captura de pantalla.

What is the fine for mistreated animals in Michoacán?

In Michoacán, el abused animal it is a crime that is paid for with prison; According to the stipulated in article 311 of the Criminal Code, persons who are found guilty of this crime may face a sentence of one to two years of prison, as well as a fine of 20 to 200 days of minimum salary.

In this state, all abusive or negligent acts are considered as a mistreated animal, or omissions that undermine the well-being or physical integrity of any animal that does not constitute harm or harm for human health or life.

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