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Adelantarán Pensión Bienestar How much will you receive in 2024?

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You are enrolled in the federal social program of the Pensión Bienestaryou should know that the benefit that adults older than 65 years of age receive every two months will now tend to I pay double in the month of Marchcorresponding to the second and third two months of the year, which will be 12 million pesos. The Pensión Bienestar was elevated to a constitutional status; This is what I would like to say that, regardless of government, governor or political party is in constitutional power.

By 2024 the Bienestar Pension will tend to increase, so that the bimonthly assistance will be six thousand pesos. The two-month period of black and February will be paid normally. The authorities also note that the beneficiaries are in the middle of the social networks or official channels, which is where the deadline will be notified when the aid is deposited social program.

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Beneficiaries of the pension will receive a double payment in March. PHOTO: CUARTOSCURO

In what month will you deposit your pension?:







Please wait until December 30th to register if you are 65 or older. PHOTO: CUARTOSCURO

So why are you going to advance the payment?

En su habitual morning conference the president of the republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, signaled that he had an adelantó in the office in the month of March for the reason of not failing to comply with the rules of the electoral elections, so that he must record that the next year will be raised presidential elections and other candidacies.

“If you are going to have to pay for the payment in the case of senior adults, you are going to pay for a two-month period, which amounts to 6,000 pesos bimonthly for the senior adult, but every March, April, May, June, there are two bimonthly periods that Let’s make sure that they are paid by adelantado for the campaign, to see it”, explained the representative.

Can I still register?

The secretary of Bienestar, Ariadna Montielby means of a publication on the list of until December 30th.

Here you can consult the most sought-after form to be able to register on this site: https://www.gob.mx/bienestar

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