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Adelantarán pago de Pensión Bienestar por elecciones 2024

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In the morning conference the president takes Andrés Manuel López Obrador and the owner of Bienestar, Ariadna Montiel, informed them that they would be looking forward to the economic benefit that accommodates senior adults and people with disabilities through the Pensión Bienestar.

In 2024 the elections to renovate the building will be held executive leader and the governments of 9 entities for which they plan to advance this payment so as not to interfere in the democratic decisions of citizens through social programs.

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Rubén Blades dedicates the song “Amor y control” to president AMLO, what is it about?

“What prevents us from electoral law is to promote programs with public responses, we do not have any recursos so that we can do so through this medium so that those who registered in December should pay respect to the month in which they were born”, he indicated Ariadna Montiel.

Alongside this, Montiel signaled that in December the registry of people who will be 65 years old would be created so that reunions of dear people would be limited to the elections of 2024, so that an early registry would be created.

When will the Bienestar Pension be paid?

The owner of the Bienestarit is noted that they have agreed to the form of payment in the first two months of the year to avoid committing an electoral crime.

The morning day will begin the dispersion of payments corresponding to the black and February months.

In February the economic benefit of the two-month periods of March, April, May and June will be advanced in relation to the programs promoted by the Bienestar Secretariat.

AMLO shows increase in social programs

“How can the mayoral adults not be happy if what has been reversed is a never seen cantidad, a billón and mean ¿What? questions the president. We are talking about adult mayoresin the conference I asked the assistants who compared the singing with the previous sexennium”.

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