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Acolman, buy your Christmas piñata from 70 pesos, so you can travel from the CDMX

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December is the time to celebrate and celebrate the Christmas holidays, including holidays, food and family togetherness. One of the most popular items in Mexico during these holidays is the piñata, Mexican craftsmanship that passed in October Instituto Mexicano de la Propiedad Industrial (IMPI) The brand registration title was obtained from the Ayuntamiento de Acolman for its elaboration and origin.

The story goes that in the year of 1587, the Augustine friars who arrived in that municipality of the State of Mexico were commissioned to make a piñata for the first time which they decorated with different colors and you are cute, what they used for typical poses.

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How to make a piñata? Pilares invites you to learn cardboard

The local authorities, in the company of pine craftsmen, are trying to solicit the brand before the IMPI, starting the process from 2022. They seek to recognize and protect the work of more than 120 pine craftsmen that each year, following information from the INEGI, they make more than 25 million piñatas.

The IMPI took the brand to the municipality of Acolman

This means the picos and sweets of the piñata

The original piñata was a barro olla, colored china paper was added to it to make it more eye-catching and represent superfluous pleasures. The small ones symbolize the capital sins and must be destroyed with the sold eyes (allusion to the fact that the faith is blind), with the help of a stake that demuestra la virtue by ending with las tentaciones.

The sweets and other sweets inside the piñata represent the prizes of the king of heaven, so the idea that is accompanied by faith and a single virtue, could win the sin and receive all the rewards of heaven.

In 1587 a register of the first piñata was kept

Currently it is possible to obtain barrio piñatas in different towns of the country, except in Acolman, Mexico state, where year after year the piñata fair takes place.

How to get to Acolman from the CDMX

One of the simplest and most basic options to get to Acolman is to cross your car, keep in mind that you head north of the city of Mexico and take the Autopista Pirámides-Texcoco road, the estimated travel time is approximately 1 hour with 10 minutes.

Another option is to go to the Central Buses del Norte and take the trucks heading towards San Juan Teotihuacán, costing between 30 and 80 pesos.

There are different prices and sizes

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