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Acapulco go to the classrooms, SEP repeat classes in Guerrero through the OTIS path

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La Secretaría de Educación de Guerrero god to know what place of the stragos that caused it huracán OTISand that they were obliged to suspend the classes so that the necessary conditions in them did not exist salons of class, now is the moment of volver here classrooms to recover the learning.

Boys and girls from Acapulco will go to classes

The authorities issued a communication in which three points are specified for this return to classes in the state, place of reconstruction through the stage of huracán OTIS:

The first is that the classes will continue this day Tuesday 21 from November of the year in progress, and in all the last years schools whence las installations do not represent one I succeed for the educational community. Seran los teachers y tutors quienes leguen a cuerdo al respecto.

There will be two municipalities that go to classes, but it will depend on the installations of the plant. Credit: Cuartoscuro

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What states and plants will go to classes in Guerrero?

This is for plants both public and private sector, and for both groups in the municipalities of Acapulco de Juárez y de Coyuca de Benítez. However, the suspension of classes and administrative activities from the 21st to the 24th of November given the case of which the school represents a I succeedor don’t care conditions adequate.

To ensure that the plants maintain optimal conditions, it is necessary to teachers, directors, workers, madres or the fathers of the family who come together to realize the tasks of cleaning inside the schools around this end of the week, with the aim of being able to turn to classes in a safe manner.

Credit: Cuartoscuro

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In the case of all municipalities that were not mentioned in the press release, all children, girls and young people should be volver here activities teachers and administrators with complete normalityexcept for the days marked by your SEP School Calendar.

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