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Abusive: young people attack without reason a man in a vulnerable situation

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The action of the three young men provoked indignation among the poor society as they suffered the aggression that one of them made against a man in a vulnerable situation.

The boys happened a few days ago, when the young people approached the man, who walked calmly along Calle 4 Oriente, in the center of Atlixcowithout causing problems.

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Apparently, the action was about a viral network that young people followed. Minutes later, share the video in its contents Instagram However, when they noticed the negative reaction of the users of the red social network, they decided to stop it.

In the video, you can escuchar one of the youngsters by slowing down on your friend to throw a potato to the man, which is what you do immediately, pumping it and making it caer, so that you can then run between the shells.

There is no official reaction

According to the report by local information media, a user including etiquette to Ariadna Ayalaalcaldesa de Atlixco, but until now there has not been an official posture with respect to these people.

Hasta el momento, aunque las cuentas de social redes of the three young people who have been located by the cybernauts, their identity is not known and there is rarely a formal complaint against them.

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