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Abuela went viral because she loved receiving a Nintendo as a holiday gift

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Navigation has turned into one of TikTok’s most incredible moments, so people are buying juguetes and great desires to sus padres, madres or abuelos y abuelas. Destiny is darles su moment”abejita media“, as in the film “Yo before you”, it is decided, give them to someone something that deseaba with all your heartbut I can’t hold on.

Such is the case of one abuelita who admires them very much videogamesand I wanted to have a console, because I received a great surprise that you had stuffed all your heart with, and we had it llorar without making the classic toast Fin de Año that we always shed a tear.

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I use to watch TikTok all the time. Credit: Twitter

Abuelita receives a Nintendo Switch console and begins to enjoy the emotion

In the video you can see what the abuela received a caja so big, but it seemed like a gift like any other ship until I opened it. Please note that the wrapping paper was in the box of a Nintendo SwitchNo, it wasn’t just a pack, inside was actually a portable console.

The reaction was heard at first, but later I can’t contain my heart In front of her loved ones, people only tried to give her a cloth to dry her tears. During the whole video she didn’t stop to see the surprise console I brought them as they were gift part of the whole family.

There’s never enough time to play“, says the post that went viral in the social media. At the moment it accumulates 190 million replays, and hundreds of comments from which we appreciate those responsible for buying the gift to give the woman a such a beautiful moment that we can all enjoy.

The portable console is one of the most popular. Credit: Especial

Abuelita gave her heart to all the internet users who watched the video in any of the existing social networks

These were some of the most noted comments:

  • “A sweet moment captured. Thank you for sharing. I hope you play with all your heart!”
  • “This is absolutely beautiful! I love seeing it!”
  • “Incredible. Share these forms of love throughout the year. It’s good for the soul”
  • “Now I’m waiting for a lady who wants a gift from Christmas. God bless you”

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