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A woman who killed her son for 5 years will be sentenced to 47 years of prison

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It’s been a little longer than a year, Dulce Nimitzi Caravantes and on those occasions it seemed sentimental asesinaron to his little boy, only 5 years old. Hey, la General Tax of Justice of the Mexican State I recorded a sentence of 47 years and 6 months against her.

“On November 9, 2022, the 5 year old boy, the current sentence and Joel ‘N’, the sentimental seeming of this woman, met inside a house located in Barrio Xochiaca, High partin the municipality of Chimalhuacánwhere at some time these people were shot and asphyxiated.

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“Afterward, Dulce Nimitzi Caravantes Fulgencio and their accomplice buried the body in a clandestine manner in a habitation in black darkness, which is located within the same domicile”, reported the Fiscalía.

More late, Nimitzi reported the alleged disappearance of his own hijo, saying that a person had stopped him while he was walking towards the streets of the Barrio Xochitenco of the same location.

“For this reason the corresponding investigations began. As part of the diligences, staff of the Tax Agency looked after the home where the child lived, where he was located removed earthfor this purpose we carried out due diligence with the help of expert personnel”, related the dependency.

During these investigations, the experts encountered it body of the little one, because so much the woman as on parja were welcomed and transferred to the Cereso de Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl.

They killed the accomplice of the Asesino

Four days later, Joel “N” was met in life, colgado of one of the barrotes in the Nezahualcóyotl penal cell from where it was hoped that the crime would come true judicial proceedings en su contra.

After being sentenced to 47 years of prison, Dulce Nimitzi will have to pay 210 million pesos in prison repair of material damage and an additional 96 million pesos for moral damage, to those who incur a fine of 170 million pesos.

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