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A woman was sickened by her husband in front of her son, agonizing for several minutes while she was struggling to help

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December 22, two days after Christmas when Carlos Eduardo Padilla Celin, a Colombian policeman, decided to take part in his mission, who is also part of the corporation. He belonged to the Unidad de Diálogo y Maintenimiento del Orden, after coming after feminicide, he would raise himself to the hijo of both.

The uniform of the Judicial and Criminal Investigation Sections (SIJIN) will be finalized by their team at their home located in the Santa Isabel neighborhood, locality of the Mártires, in the south of Bogotá, Colombia. The Tax Office seeks to prove the responsibility of the man in these acts. Today the first audience was celebrated before the authorities after he was held. At 2.00 pm this morning the legal situation of the accused will be decided.

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The woman was assaulted with a white weapon inside her home.

The victim asked for help when she was in agony

After her husband’s death, the wife called for help on various occasions, so that even a recent wedding was happening, she touched the door and called to Paula and Carlos to open the door.

According to this, none of them responded and the only one who asked for it was at the age of 10. The owner of the building where the family lived logged in to the site minutes later with the local authorities.

The police and the paramedics opened the door to find out that in that place alone was the body of the victim, who was taken by the name Paula Andrea Celis.

As a result of the investigation, it was determined that both formed part of the country’s security forces and that even the elder of the dead was not found in the building. The taxi driver who picked up the accused indicated that Carlos was trying to calm the child down, was nervous and was calling desperately to a person across his cell phone.

The man was captured while he was holding the baby in his arms. PHOTO: FGN

He killed her with a white weapon

The expert’s work made it possible to know that the victim died because of the wounds of a white weapon with which he was attacked within his life. Due to the form in which he lived in the place and that he was the only one in the same place as the younger generation, the main suspect is Carlos Eduardo.

Minutes before she could send the message with the person who most wanted to help, the old people heard a discussion that came directly from the person who lived in the room.

He took himself to the old age with his ancient companion

The story was born with the child of two years of age. According to the first investigations, it is speculated that the elder son may have witnessed the moment in which the femicide began with the life of Paula Andrea. The security cameras captured the moment when the alleged person in charge of the child lifted the child in one of his arms, while on the other he lifted two mischiefs with his belongings to her.

During the late December 22nd, the suit changed its position in order to prevent the authorities from getting lost on the track. The little boy was found now after the femicide in the house of a woman. The Tax Office ensured that it concerns the extermination of the murderer, who has also suffered from peaceful violence.

The child was taken to the Colombian Family Welfare Institute, where he will be kept safe until he determines whether a family member can take care of him.

Hizo will create the family that Paula will follow alive

To deal with the Tax Office, the man followed by using the victim’s telephone to contact her and indicate to one of her husbands that he was well and inside a hospital where they were supposed to be waiting for the day.

The messages were given during various hours, until even the saddened evenings realized that he had died, thanks to the means of communication, as well as the old people of the family.

The alleged femicide has been escaping justice for more than a day

Several operatives gathered around Bogotá as a result that they could follow the trail and eventually capture Paula’s alleged femicide.

The General Tax of the Nation must know that the man was admitted to a hospital, where he was placed at the disposal of local authorities.

The authorities lograron detainer to the alleged feminicide. PHOTO: Fiscalía General de la Nación

During the arraignment hearing, the Tax Office learned that the man’s friend received a message from the child after receiving a warning that the alleged aggressor wanted him to look at one of these things. A few months ago, after checking with the institution, the queried evenings realized that among the others there were problems.

The man is prosecuted by the authorities

The Colombian authorities bring to the fore the hearing of indictment against the perpetrator, to whom they report for allegedly having corrupted the life of their woman. The highlights above are the safety videos, as well as the testimonies of old people.

The lawyer’s lawyer will ensure that there are no elements that can support the client’s liability. However, he believed that he would protect the accused, and he would make sure that he was in danger of being punished against him.

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