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A woman was born where she was exposed to cosmetic surgery; the police investigate the case

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In a case that touched the community of Gulf Breeze, Florida, Hillary Brown, a mother of three 33-year-old children, tragically failed while exposed, doctor Ben Brown, a 40-year-old plastic surgeon, made her a surgical procedure. The fateful accident occurred on November 21 at the Restore Plastic Surgery clinic, owned by Brown. Let the authorities investigate to know exactly what happened.

Hillary, according to local media reports like USA Today, suffered a heart attack during the operation. She has spent a week in a coma and has no hope of recovery due to severe cerebral damage, The family made the sad decision to remove the vital support and donate their organs.

His family members complained about it. Photo: Instagram.

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Why will they investigate this?

The details of the case are disturbing. A call to 911 indicated a possible overdose of medications during the surgery. Doctor Brown revealed to Hillary’s fathers, Marty and Dixie Ellington, that she had been using a different medication than usual to have been under regular administration. This has generated numerous questions about the doctor’s practices and the lack of adequate emergency protocols in his clinic.

Had 3 hijas from a previous wedding. Photo: Instagram.

The Ellington family cries out for answers. “Yes it was a mistake, it was a mistake, but I don’t owe it to my father”, expressed the afflicted father, seeking some compensation and demanding justice. The Graves Crimes Unit of the Sheriff’s Office of the County of Santa Rosa has begun an investigation to clarify the circumstances of the death, including a detailed autopsy.

The doctor and husband of Hilary assure you that you are innocent

Brown, saddened by the situation, shared his pain in the social circles, describing it to Hillary as his soul mate. The couple, made approximately two years ago, had a relationship described by some as volatile, although Hillary appreciated the aesthetic procedures carried out by her.

The case will be investigated. Photo: Instagram.

Brown’s clinic is not open to controversy. He currently addresses two claims for negligence, including a case in 2018 alleging the use of inappropriate materials in a breast surgery. These antecedents, following Hillary’s tragic death, raise doubts about Brown’s practices and his clinic, even though he maintains that he is innocent and that he will cooperate with the authorities.

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