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A woman dies from choking against a tree, with 6 injuries

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Nativity was ruined by a family after a woman lost her life in a transit accident in La Paz, Argentina, around 7:00 am on this Monday, December 25th. These are investigated by the authorities, so no one has looked for the lines of investigation into these incidents.

By looking at the local means, derived from these things, the most tremblings of the car in which the lady was traveling turned out to be hereditary. In total, it involves six people more than you know who are being looked after by paramedics.

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Local authorities investigate the facts. PHOTO: Archive.

They identify the woman who died in the choque of La Paz

The first reports indicate that the driver, named Deolinda Giménez, 38 years old, traveled together with six passengers across Route 50, in the community of La Paz.

The woman lost control of the unit, the occasion being that she would hit a eucalyptus tree that was on the street. Due to the collision, Deolinda lost her life instantly.

It weighs on what the paramedics tried to help, no matter what they could do to save her life. The authorities will carry out the corresponding necropsy and provide the rest to their family members.

He identified himself as the mortal victim. PHOTO: illustrative / Archive.

The injured people were taken to hospital

The car, a Ford K, was completely destroyed on the front side. The collision occasionally results in injuries of different types.

Due to the injuries that it is necessary to discard any severe injury that was not visible, the sufferers of the wagon were taken to hospital in the area.

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