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A terrorist attack on the Eiffel Tower is a death and a loss

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Authorities in Paris, in France, announced that a hombre identified as IslamistHe approached a couple of tourists and approached them puñaladas without apparent cause look for the Eiffel Tower. Lamentably, a death was recorded, as is the case dos heridosas the preliminary reports inform it.

Middle locals got to know what it is victim who lost his life is a man German-Filipino, while the tourists are of German and British nationality. Until now their identities have been revealed. The person responsible was detained minutes later than having committed the crime.

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Identify the victims of the attack, the authorities reported to the attacker in Paris

Armand Rajabpour-Miyandoab, is the detained man. Credit: AP Photo

“The policy is to detain valiantly an aggressor who attacks one of the transients in Paris, among the elders of the Quai de Grenelle. fallacious and a heartfelt hope for the strikers of Paris. Please avoid the area”, wrote in the social media the Minister of the Interior and Territories of Ultramar, Gérald Darmanin.

Sin embargo, el sujeto detained yes it was identified. If it’s about Armand Rajabpour-Miyandoab, terrorist who grabbed and disseminated on the internet a video before the attack, from which he supposedly pledged loyalty to the ISIS group. She assured him that he couldn’t stand how the Arabs are assed.

The detained man is an Islamist, and he has been detained for another terrorist attack

Darmanin told local media that the prisoner had been sentenced in 2016 to “four years of prison” for planning another terrorist attack that was finally not concrete. On this occasion he was detained by French security before the attack, following the minister.

The anti-terrorism tax office informed that it would be responsible for the investigation of the attack. “We will not give in to terrorism”, declared the first French minister, Elizabeth Borne, in the red social Twitter. Also, she made sure that her thoughts are with the victims, her loved ones and her loved ones.”

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