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A pyrotechnic explosion sets fire to the Río Blanco market, Veracruz: 3 injured

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A fire in a pyrotechnics station was recorded in the “Modesto Escalona” market, municipality of Rio Blancolocated in the Altas Montañas region of the central area of ​​the state Veracruz.

They took place at 5.35pm on this Monday 25th December, where local and summer officials attended and controlled the accident in the central area of ​​the municipal cabecera.

There Secretariat of Civil Protection (PC), Guadalupe Osorno Maldonado, informed that a display of pyrotechnics and one of gelatins had occurred.

The pyrotechnic games resulted from an explosion on the market
PHOTO: Special

The fire was reported to have been liquidated, whereby three injured people were attended to at the site by two fire fighters and a minor was transferred for medical attention and care to a hospital.

Videos are circulating in social media showing the exact moment of the fire. The detonation of pyrotechnics is expected and people stay in the area for fear of dying.

The area was cordoned off by elements of security to avoid major ailments and escape to the population of Río Blanco.

The area was cordoned off
PHOTO: Special

The incident was attended by elements of State Civil Protection and municipalities of Río Blanco and La Perla, as well as personnel of the Secretaría de Seguridad Pública (SSP), Tránsito del Estado, Cruz Ámbar and Bomberos de Orizaba and de Las Altas Montañas.

In various municipalities of the entity they stood at the operational level to avoid the blast of pyrotechnics. Personal participation in civil protection and the Secretariat of the Navy-Armada (Semar).

In the city of Xalapa, the capital of Veracruz, fines of 2 to 5 million units of medicine and actualization (UMA’s) will be applied, which will exceed the average million of pesos, to meet the current regulation.

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