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A man who sexually abused an 11-year-old girl will be sentenced to 11 years of prison

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A man, identified as Marcos Adolfo “M”was sentenced by criminal authorities of the state of Chihuahua to purge a sentence of 11 years of prison, for sexually abusing a young girl.

They took place in the Chihuahuan municipality Guadalupewhereby the current sentence was made aware of the relationship he had with the younger family to avoid the crime.

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“The antecedents of investigation and expert reports, demonstrated that between the 10th and 15th of October 2022, establishing a bond of trust, the accused committed a criminal conduct of a sexual nature in the aggravation of the victim of 11 years of age, in the interior of a life in the countryside Juárez y Reforma.

“The agent of Ministerio Público upon knowing what he was, I began with the investigations and I obtained an order of apprehension issued by a Control Judge, which was completed against the accused, on April 10, 2023,” he detailed the dependency.

Logra menor sanción por juicio abreviado

Lego de las investigations de la Fiscalía, Marcos Adolfo “M” He was captured and bound to judicial proceedings, which resulted in a shortened form of finding evidence of culpability in the crime.

“Marcos Adolfo “M” decided to terminate the proceedings early with the trial by submitting to a shortened sentence, whereby the judicial body would impose on him the prison sentence which will result in him Centro de Reinserción Social de Ciudad Juárez”, concluded the Fiscalía.

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