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A man went up to run with his pears and asked a poor man to “extort” him on his way, he was detained

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A man in the street situation he lost his life, where he received multiple shots with a firearm. They were filmed in Southern California, United States, and were documented in surveillance cameras. According to what is observed in the images, the victim was attacked by a person who ran with her perroswho was identified and detained by the authorities of the state.

The inmate identified himself as Craig Sumner Elliott, 68 years old. According to the authorities, the main adult went to exercise with his mascots, when he got into an altercation with a man on the street, who Craig asked to presumably be “extorting“in the street.

The police arrived on stage and encountered the victim’s body in the face. Photo: pixabay.

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Why help the poor person?

In this case, the authorities detailed Craig he went up and ran, but on his way he met the victim, a man on the street who was sleeping on the banqueta. The attacker, harassed, discouraged the man and began to argue with him, accusing him of blocking the passage of the pedestrians.

The victim confronted his assailant and they started a heated argument, until Craig recognized a weapon that he advised and disappeared to the sujeto. After the attack, elements of the police reached the stage and transported the victim to a local hospital, looking for the Disneyland theme park. Without embargo, the man, who is not identified, I lost my life as a consequence of the healings that I have suffered.

The suspect was detained. Photo: special.

Are you detained?

The attacker who was detained by the authorities and will be accused of “an increase in serious crime of personal use of a firearm”, so that, in the case of being found guilty, he could face a severe prison sentence. They don’t know what were the reasons that led the man to shoot against the destitute.

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