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A man tries to rob a shop and is shot until death in Hidalgo

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The inhabitants of the Cañada Chica Antigua community, municipality of Actopan, in the state of Hidalgolincharon to a man who previously they accused of robbing a business. They took this time for 5 days, when safety elements received the report of a body abandoned on the side of the Actopan-Boxasni road.

It transcended into local media that through the call that was made to the authority, it was from where it was detected that it was a lure against a person. There the victim wore blue half-pant trousers, gray sweatshirt and tennis shoesuntil the moment the person is not identified.

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Once the emergency responders arrived, they only notified that the person had no vital signs. The alleged implicated person was embossed and had various signs of violence on his body. The lifting of the body has been removed and transferred to the Forensic Medical Service (SEMEPHOUS).

Open the investigation into the crime of homicide

Authority of the entity, across the board Prosecutor’s Office of Justice, they opened an investigation into the crime of intentional homicide. Elements of the dependency also carried out the first investigative steps to clarify the case and consult with those responsible for the case.

Based on information from the Criminal Traffic Light, during the month of November, 40 cases of extortion were recorded, 58 for narcotics and 80 per item per shop, keeping 26 cases of stuff on the market in the municipality of Actopan, which provoked the enojo of the inhabitants and they decided take justice by your hands.

Report crime and violence in 10 criminal cases in Hidalgo

In the heart of the 12 Social Reinstatement Centers (Cereso) that administer the state government, 10 present sobrepoblación and treatment, in which people deprived of their freedom are not placed in adequate conditions to address the processes of social reincorporation, in accordance with the Information on the Follow-up of the Recommendation of Persons detained in Cereso drawn up by the Commission for Human Rights del Estado de Hidalgo (CDHEH).

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The report of the independent state body detailed what it is el Cereso de Actopan It has an overpopulation of 36 per cent, but does not count with a female retention area, while in the penal of Apan the overpopulation was 142 per cent, it can accommodate 167 people for a capacity of just 69 offenders.

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