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A man in the drunken state landed at 6 years old, he was forbidden to drive

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The man who landed six younger adults in the community Tocopillaen Chileon the 22nd of December you were sanctioned by the authorities of your country for driving in the state of drunkenness, so that God can know the Regional Tax of Antofagasta through a press release.

The matter of 49 years of age is held and until the next 25th of December the judicial actions will be completed so that the case can be formalized. With the accumulation of trials the process will begin with which one will seek to give her a sanction.

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The next Monday will be the first audience with the show at 12pm. The player must evaluate the evidence to determine whether the report is progressing. Keep it up, the chofer will continue in its custody.

The driver had his license suspended

Of course, with the knowledge of the Tax Act, the candidate would be suspended for two years on his driving licence, due to the fact that he had been sanctioned for having operated his car in an inconvenient manner in the past.

Due to this, it will not only tend to address the accusations of having injured the younger ones in the past, but also the reincidence of drinking under the effects of alcohol, as well as violating the temporal cancellation of their rights to operate a unit.

No need for alcohol in the blood

According to the same institution, when the individual was detained on a second occasion, a test was applied to determine by the alien the quantity of blood he held in the blood. The result was that he had a degree of 1.39, when the maximum allowed was 0.79 degrees.

Ley N° 18.290 of the Tránsito de Chile stipulates that no person can be under the influence of alcohol or drugs or otherwise could be detained by the police. According to the norm of the South American country, the man could spend 61 days up to five years in prison, depending on the injuries that have occurred to the children.

Why did he land on the kids in Tocopilla, Chile?

The Chilean authorities revealed that the children of their parents and their families were participating in a caravan of navigation along the streets of Tocopilla, Chile. Due to this, some minor ones are below the acer.

Instead of stopping ahead of the marchers’ pace and waiting for a turn to continue moving, the man did not have to speed up, which was the occasion that presented the six victims.

The fathers and guardians of the children taught the lesson and taught it to get the action right. One minute later, the policemen and the paramedics arrived.

The child’s wedding dress was wrapped around the children. PHOTO: Redes sociales

Six children were brought to hospital

The action that was captured in a video that began to spread in social circles. In these images you see the moment when the children are hit by the vehicle.

Thanks to the intervention of the paramedics, the victims could be transferred to hospitals, which the police of the 4th class were able to recognize as serious. The Comisaría de Tocopilla announced that no one was in danger of dying.

The driver was detained and held before the authorities. The uniforms were advised to pay attention to it to prevent people concentrated in the place from attacking it.

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