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A man dies in the middle of a second plane

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A tragic beginning of 2024 was vivid for a family, where one of their members lost his life at the house from the second floor of his home, located in the streets of the colony Agricultural Oriental.

They took place during the morning of this 1st day, when the hombreBetween 50 and 55 years of age, he rushed from a marquesina to the second floor of his house, reported testigos presenciales.

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According to periodical reports, old people from the place reported that they emergency services they sometimes took an hour to get to the site of the accident, while the man’s family members tried to help him.

When they brought the tripulantes of the ambulance Urgent Medical Care Systemthe victim, identified only by the name of Alfonso, has lost her life.

If you don’t know the causes of the accident

Elements of the product also arrive at the site Secretaría de Seguridad Ciudadana From the city of Mexico, people took part in the investigation to discover the causes that led to the death and subsequent death of the man.

Wait for the moment, if you don’t know the reason why the man salted the marquesina second step of his hogar, although the experts of the capital government have worked for various hours in the perimeter to search for tracks.

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